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Exhibit: United for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

UN Headquarters, New York -

A new exhibition, United for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, will be open in the South Wall of the Conference Buildings (1st floor) of United Nations Headquarters in New York on 20 May and will be displayed until 31 May.

The exhibit organized by UNICRI, with the support of the Permanent Mission of Italy to the UN, is centred around Goal 16 of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on promoting peaceful, just and inclusive societies, free from crime and violence.

Through images and videos United for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions offers different perspectives on some critical topics addressed by UNICRI such as artificial intelligence and robotics, counterfeiting, environmental crimes, hate speech and hate crime, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, illicit financial flows, the precious metals supply chain integrity, violent extremism, and the nexus between terrorism and organized crime.

The exhibit puts people first and explains the impact that criminality and absence of the rule of law have on societies. It shows that the threats to peace and security in the twenty-first century are extensive and transnational in nature. These threats are closely interconnected: the combination of conflicts, organized crime, terrorism, illicit trafficking and the improper use of technological advances by criminal actors is affecting human rights, stability and development, generating a vicious cycle of vulnerabilities.

In our global society we observe the consequences of the butterfly effect: what occurs in one place reverberates in another. We live in an interconnected world that is exponentially subject to the effects of an unequal techno-financial revolution as well as to the de-territorialisation of citizenship and criminal syndicates.

Opening Cerimony of the UNICRI Exhibit: United for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

The growing complexity of this changing landscape calls for a rethinking of approaches and strategies to address the threats to and vulnerabilities of the environmental, socio-economic and political settings of our global village.

Our cooperation models in the field of justice, crime prevention and human rights protection should be transnational and innovative. Approaches are needed to support resilient societies, able to manage risks and vulnerabilities. Our answers to these common challenges must be unified and multifaceted.

Within the broad scope of its mandate, UNICRI develops and implements improved policies in the field of crime prevention and justice. Its mission is to advance justice and the rule of law in support of human rights, peace and sustainable development. UNICRI works in specialized niches and selected fields of crime prevention, justice, security governance, and risks and benefits of advances in technologies. UNICRI provides a vital foundation for policy and operations through its cutting-edge and independent specialised research, training and capacity-building programmes.

The exhibit offers a perspective on how to translate our principles – respect for human rights, dignity, the rule of law and development – into concrete actions.

To view the banners of the exhibition, United for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, please click here.